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In the past, weddings and wedding registries typically focused on the bride. The bride did most of the wedding planning and preparation, the bride had showers thrown in her honor and the bride picked out china and linens for the “bridal registry.” But as time goes by and traditions change, it has come to our…read more


Have you ever wanted to give a wedding gift that is so unique and memorable that it can’t be duplicated? Every so often, there’s a special bride in your life – maybe it’s your daughter, granddaughter, daughter-in-law, or even your future wife – and kitchen appliances, linens, cash or other traditional gifts just don’t seem…read more

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Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Really Enjoy!

Baby shower activities can make or break your party! Tasting baby food and looking inside of diapers smeared with melted chocolate are games of the past. We’ve collected nine fabulous activities that your guests will love! Some are sweetly sentimental and others are humorous or crafty. Whatever your shower theme, we guarantee that you’ll find…(563) 723-0923


2015 Baby Name Trends: What’s Hot This Year?

As soon as we found out we were expecting our first child we began discussing names. My husband suggested a name he liked, I loved it and we immediately agreed on it. All of this happened over one cup of coffee…before we even announced our pregnancy or knew our firstborn was a boy. We never…read more

Top 5 Engagement Ring Styles for 2015

Rings have been worn for millennia. Egyptians from 2300 B.C. were found buried with a silver or gold wire around their ring finger. They believed this finger was directly connected to the heart by the “vena amoris” – the vein of love. The tradition of the diamond engagement ring is thought to date back over…(984) 205-1086


Congratulations! Your baby just got engaged! You may be wondering, what do I do now? Although you’re not an official member of the wedding party, you are a significant part of the big day. Traditionally, there were very specific duties for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. But traditions are…read more

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Congratulations! You just got engaged! So what do you do now? Here are my top 10 tips that will help you successfully navigate—and truly enjoy—this exciting time in your life. Don’t post on social media first! Wait until you have personally told the people you care about most. Make those phone calls—first to your parents,…read more



As the year comes to a close we are taking the time to reflect on 2014 and the wonderful feedback we’ve received from you on our many blog posts. This year we covered all subjects related to gift giving and gift registries, from baby and bridal showers to wedding and baby gift trends, in addition…(905) 450-6625


Marriage Proposal Ideas

Planning a marriage proposal can be a little overwhelming and intimidating. After all, your engagement story will be told to your kids, grandkids and countless friends for years to come. You want it to be memorable, creative and romantic all at the same time. We want the same for you, which is why we’ve compiled…read more